About the artist Scott Aicher

I live in a cottage home with my wife Sharon and 2 dogs Coco (a norfolk terrier) and Chet (a mix of chihuahua, pomeranian, and jack russel t). They have their own blog as well. I paint with acrylic paint on canvas, boards, wood plaques, and discarded guitars. I have been a Graphic Designer professionally for over 20 years as well. I have done everything from album covers, t-shirts, logos, flyers, comics, and anything that needs art. My inspiration comes from childhood things like gum cards, skateboard art, Weirdo, Creem and Circus magazines, album covers, old toys, Alfred E. Newman, Godzilla, Vintage Hot Wheels, Schwinn Bikes, and Ed Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink and custom cars... I could go on all day on the artists I love, and I love my collection of art books. I don't drink or smoke anymore, but I do enjoy a burger and a Diet Coke with splenda, and frozen yogurt. I'm known as a gentle giant, and I have a smile with your name on it.