Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flea market finds... good pickens!

Here is this weird vinyl baby (I found 2 of them) called a Plump Pee. Too strange not to buy. Dated from the 60's. and Marx's sparking hot rod (either 50's or 60's) not my era of toys, but they make good thing for trades. I do like them too.

This is my spot for the cars I find at the flea markets and for current ones I picked up. I found some real good deals out there this year because I only really looked for cars at the fleas this year and I kept it within the budget. Bought one or two of the new hotwheels at target now and then too. The new cars are getting to be fun again. Wild new designs.
What the heck are these creeps? Found them at the flea. 50 cents each. Ant guy and eyeball guy. Disgusting and wonderful.

This was an ebay from awhile back. When I saw this somewhere I tracked this down online. It's a matchbox truck with setter dogs in the back (we had an english setter named daisy) this was hard to find complete and in my price range, but I managed to get this for under 10 bucks. My waiting paid off.

Redlines! Found this Rocket bye baby in yellow, Formula 5000 1976 super chromes version and this magenta Bugeye from my regular redline guy. Got a great deal from him as usual. Really cool find. Love these!

I got this bank on ebay after seeing it long ago and not buying it at memory lanes in torrance. Good thing to cause I got it for real cheap!