Saturday, December 18, 2010

New updates for the new year....2011!

So this next year should be better than last year, but who knows... maybe we'll all get blown up? This image is of a commission work I did for my pal Dirk from Guitar Safari here in downtown Pedro. I update my website again and this time I actually like it, so check that out by clicking here: New shows are coming up soon. Christmas this year for me is some new tech stuff for the brain box. I got a wireless router for us so we can use the net on Sharon's laptop as well as my mac mini. Got an interface for guitar and mic plug ins to the box and have begun recording the debut album (or maybe ep) for my band Ike Powers and the Plagiarists and yes, we have a blog page. Just click here: Ike Powers What else? Chet and Coco (the dogs) are well and will have christmas photos on their blog page soon. I hope you all have been extra nice to folks everywhere because the man with the sack is on the way. Unless you like lumps of coal. In that case f*it!

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