Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this blog...

2011 is knocking. We are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's it going to be like when those soldiers come home? Higher crime? Crippled homeless vets? Let's not put the hose before the cart. They need to get home first. I try not think about it. I don't think about the economy recovering soon either. All my art friends have lowered their already low prices and people now expect art for around 20 bucks. I guess you got to learn how to almost give it away. If you can make a buck out there you have to stretch it till the eagle grins. That seems to be the mindset of most people. This year I am going to do the same as last year and paint my hiney off. What else can I do? All the jobs out there are all taken by college interns who work cheap or free. As I watched True Grit this week I wondered when we are going to get back to the wild untamed times of the wild west or something like Mad Max. those are just movies and even still Try not to think about that stuff.

We all get help where we can these days. It's so easy to get depressed too. I try to be optimistic, but everyones bummed out most times. One good thing is I don't drive back and fourth to work on the 405 anymore. That time probably took years off my life. I'm still in fairly good shape health wise, but I do need to loose lots of weight. Will see how I do on that this year, but I'm ready for it. I have a wife who loves me almost unconditionally and two very eager to please dogs. We still have our house and can pay the bills. Those are the things try to focus on. I get to paint what I want everyday too. Maybe the best thing of all. It's a dream come true and I'm working hard as I can to keep it going.

This year for christmas I tried to do some things we have been meaning to take care of but never got to. Like getting the cable tv in the bedroom too, I got a router for Sharon's laptop so she can go on the net even if I'm on it already and I got a little commission job to pay for a recliner for Sharon for when she gets home from work. This year it's about finding the best way to help out those close to you and let them know you care. Well, for me that's how I'm doing it this year. If you have not done something for the people you love this year it's never too late. Remember this too... Hugs are free and always make people feel good. If you see me around this year that's what I'd like from you all. A big hug.... Love, Scott

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