Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con Saturday Afternoon Oct,30, 2010

Round two for the con. Had a meeting with Dave from Slum Circus (good guy that dave). Brought some subway foot longs to avoid paying 6 bucks for a sweaty hot dog. Today went smooth because I scoped out what I wanted to do on friday. The loot today? I tried to keep the spending down, but on the way out I got in a haggle war with a comic vendor on a minty Silver Surfer Number 2 (Yeah I know it's not "Number 1" but that goes for the high dollars) I'm not one to normally buy rare comics, but he knocked 25 bucks off his asking price. I don't know if I got a great deal (I need to price it out) but a few folks at the booth said "you sold that book for how much?" so, I think it was a good buy. Bought a boot dvd of "The Decline" and a few budget friendly old Spectacular Spiderman comics from the days of my youth. Check out the Superfriends I got photos of. Happy Halloween, be safe people!

My score! Sliver Surfer number 2!

The Monarch and his girl from Venture Brothers Cartoons (One of my faves!)

Bobafett's sister, Boobafett (Star Wars)

A Flock of Fetts

I like DC Comics, here's Wonder erahhhha, where was I?

Bigger than the Hulk almost...

Here's me and Lew Temple from Banjo and Sullivan (a Rob Zombie side project) Really cool guy. I bought his cd.

I used to work for the Dark Side before I became a Jedi 2 years ago... this is me and some of the old "Empire" dudes...

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