Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rock and Roll art show was a great success!

Man, do I love this town! Thank you town of San Pedro and all the great kids here... The Rock and Roll art show went down with everyone in town pitching in and helping out and with no violence what so ever. We posted a few rules and they were respected, so it looks good for having more all ages shows at the venue! I got to thank my MVP once again, it goes to Craig Ibarra who showed me how to make this show work, and did huge amounts of work for this show Thank You Crankie! All the artist pitched in before and after the show... Thank You Artists! Victor helped me lug my crud around, thanks Victor! Thanks Dirk, Jenny, Mike Brady, big big thanks to Calimucho! for their help and live screenprinting. Kid Kevin made the all stars with all his help (literally put his back into it!) Thank You Kevin! Thank you Maya from the Cultural Center for allowing us to have the show. Thanks END FWY for the p.a. and more! Let's hear it for Bombon, Hippy Riot!, and Toys that Kill. I got chills watching these bands. They are so good! Bombon is so much fun. They were the first band I wanted for this show. I saw Hippy Riot! at tri arts before this show and they are great! Kind of hardcore with a rocka hillbilly beat, very cool band. I did not think I could get Toys that Kill, but my MVP got them. They are as good as any great band I have ever seen, and always get my ass shaking. Everyone did this show FREE! and I thank you all for that too.

Almost forgot! Thanks to my beautiful wife Sharon for getting me ready for this show. Thanks to my dogs Chet and Coco who missed me as I was working on this show the last few days. When the show was done they gave me lots of kisses when I got home. Thanks to those who bought my shirts too! We had Subway after the show with lots of cucumber and peppers.

I'm going to spend most of the day posting all the band footage and artwork on the rock and roll art show blog page. I really do love this town... everyone had kind words and gave praise for the show... We all did this show for fun, it was fun for me and I hope you all liked it too.... Hugs and Kisses, a very grateful, Scott Aicher

P.s. Please check out the show blog, and buy our art! Click here for The Rock and Roll Art Show Blog

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