Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kiss Amry duties today... Mission Accomplished!

Checked KISS on line today and saw the new big gulp cups were in so early this morning I headed over to the 7-11 on 25th in Pedro. When I got there I saw the display, but no cups( just wrestler cups, wwf..)I got tense as I asked, "Do you have KISS slurpee cups? The lady then went in the back and brought out the bounty of plastic fun. I bought 2 of each because I know Gene needs more of my cash, and because it's the horder thing to do. (Really, one set for drinking and one set for putting away with the fine collectibles... But I may use them as paint cups later too.) I filled up one of the catman cups with diet coke and paid the man for the treasure. I did my part in the KISS army today. KISS now joins my other big gulp cups like elvira glow in the dark from weinscnitzel, Ateam from del taco, Star wars ep3 slurpee cups, and the fact that these cups will far out live me. Everyone has some bad habit they love, mine remains throwing cash at Gene Simmons and anything KISS puts out. Oh thank heaven for 7-11 and the long awaited KISS cups!

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