Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rock and Roll art show was a great success!

Man, do I love this town! Thank you town of San Pedro and all the great kids here... The Rock and Roll art show went down with everyone in town pitching in and helping out and with no violence what so ever. We posted a few rules and they were respected, so it looks good for having more all ages shows at the venue! I got to thank my MVP once again, it goes to Craig Ibarra who showed me how to make this show work, and did huge amounts of work for this show Thank You Crankie! All the artist pitched in before and after the show... Thank You Artists! Victor helped me lug my crud around, thanks Victor! Thanks Dirk, Jenny, Mike Brady, big big thanks to Calimucho! for their help and live screenprinting. Kid Kevin made the all stars with all his help (literally put his back into it!) Thank You Kevin! Thank you Maya from the Cultural Center for allowing us to have the show. Thanks END FWY for the p.a. and more! Let's hear it for Bombon, Hippy Riot!, and Toys that Kill. I got chills watching these bands. They are so good! Bombon is so much fun. They were the first band I wanted for this show. I saw Hippy Riot! at tri arts before this show and they are great! Kind of hardcore with a rocka hillbilly beat, very cool band. I did not think I could get Toys that Kill, but my MVP got them. They are as good as any great band I have ever seen, and always get my ass shaking. Everyone did this show FREE! and I thank you all for that too.

Almost forgot! Thanks to my beautiful wife Sharon for getting me ready for this show. Thanks to my dogs Chet and Coco who missed me as I was working on this show the last few days. When the show was done they gave me lots of kisses when I got home. Thanks to those who bought my shirts too! We had Subway after the show with lots of cucumber and peppers.

I'm going to spend most of the day posting all the band footage and artwork on the rock and roll art show blog page. I really do love this town... everyone had kind words and gave praise for the show... We all did this show for fun, it was fun for me and I hope you all liked it too.... Hugs and Kisses, a very grateful, Scott Aicher

P.s. Please check out the show blog, and buy our art! Click here for The Rock and Roll Art Show Blog

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Promoting the 25th's show at TriArts Fest

Here's me at TriArts Fest on saturday getting the word out on the Rock and Roll Art Show. Fro the whole scoop read my post at the blog site for the show: R&R Art Show Blog

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Online Shop!

I have 2 New Shirt Designs,Hand Painted Original Artworks, Limited Edition Posters, Custom Hats, Soon to have a Brand new 48 page Comic Book by your truly and even personal items I own that can be yours to purchase! Just click here to check out the shop!:

About Scott Aicher

My name is Scott Aicher, but I have been given many nicknames (Skoots, Skeets, Space Ghost, Scootch, Doochkavie....I could keep going, but I digress) I have been drawing and painting my whole life. Mostly I learned from my mother, Pat Zaleski and grandmother Ardis Underwood. They showed me the techniques to get started, my uncle Don Underwood stimulated my creativity by turning me on to underground artists like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Rick Griffin, Zap Magazine, Weirdo Magazine (I got these taken away at school a few times, I always had a copy in my backpack.) I grew up in Redondo Beach, CA. when skateboarding was getting it second wind of popuality. On the playground, we traded "Odd Rod" and Super Baseball/Football Freak cards, Mad Magazines, Redline Hot Wheels, Zowies, Wacky Packages Gum Cards, Kiss Cards, and today I collect all these things, and they are they catalyst for my creative ideas.

Moving to San Pedro in my early 20's I made flyers for local bands and worked 2 jobs. One at a local print shop doing graphic design, darkroom work and delivery. and on weekends at Peanut Records in Lomita, where I met bands and found lots of dates. One night my friends in the band Generator were playing a show with Pennywise at big john's house in gardena. John form generator insisted that I go, he told me, "I will come over there and drag you there" if I didn't get off my couch. When I got there I saw a red headed girl across the crowd, and went to get her a beer, but I did not know how I was going to talk to her. When I got back from the keg, she was over by the porta pottie talking to my friend from high school, Stephanie. We stared talking about how nirvana was going to be on SNL that night for the first time, so we went to my apartment to watch it. Sharon is still my wife today. She sees to it that all my art is the best it can be, and tells me to fix it when it needs work. We have a house in San Pedro, and a dog named Daisy whom we love like a baby.

I have had quite a few art shows locally and contribute to the fanzine "the Rise and the Fall" that is distributed throughout Los Angeles, and reaches people as far as Washington D.C. I do reviews and every issue I do a comic too. The RATF has a my space page, so check it out! I also show at Gasoline Gallery now and then in El Segundo, they specialize in all aspects of kustom kulture, so check them out too on my space.

I worked for many years designing for clothing lines in action sports and entertainment companies before starting Planet 67 to have more creative control, so I have plenty of experience in all aspects of graphic design and production art. I offer my design services as well as my stuff for sale. I also offer custom painting at reasonable prices. So contact me with your orders or share your ideas for my site! Here's where you can reach me:

Email addresses: ( ( (
Websites: ( ( (

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Link to the Rock and Roll art show blog page!

I have a new blog going for the show I'm curating in San Pedro at the Croatian Cultural Center on 7th and pacific downtown San Pedro on Sept. 25th, 2010. Click here to get there: R&R Art Show Blog This blog is set up to sell the art in the show and post clips of the bands playing the gig. This weekend catch me at the Tri Arts show promoting this gig and selling my fine goods and wares, you dig?

Tri Arts Fest cool audio ad!

Cousin show of the Rock and Roll art show?

I will be at this show promoting the R&R art show and selling my merch and maybe some art as well. Most of the folks at this gig should be at the R&R gig too, so go to both! Good times, and they're free!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paul Conrad passes away...

When I was 12 or so around 1979 my mom asked if I wanted to take a cartooning class at the Palos Verdes art center that summer "IF" we can get you in... Why the if? Because it was a political cartooning class taught by Paul Conrad of the L.A. Times. Coming from a big family of democrat artists on my mom's side my whole family was encouraging me to take the class. Conrad himself did not want me in the class as I was only 12, and he thought I would not understand the politics he talked one on one with me about if I was serious about cartooning. It was the first class that really challenged me, and I realized that cartoons had tremendous power to bring change, challenge the establishment, and give humor to harsh times. When the class was over we got to pick a conrad poster to be signed. I picked "a wave of patriotism is sweeping the country" which had a surfer on a big wave that read "california draft" this was a big concern of mine that I did not want to fight in any war in the future. Conrad told me, "I hope you never have to experience one in your lifetime..." I went on to be the political cartoonist for my school newspaper in high school. This week I am getting my first comic book published and have more planned. So thanks Paul, and so long for now....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kiss Amry duties today... Mission Accomplished!

Checked KISS on line today and saw the new big gulp cups were in so early this morning I headed over to the 7-11 on 25th in Pedro. When I got there I saw the display, but no cups( just wrestler cups, wwf..)I got tense as I asked, "Do you have KISS slurpee cups? The lady then went in the back and brought out the bounty of plastic fun. I bought 2 of each because I know Gene needs more of my cash, and because it's the horder thing to do. (Really, one set for drinking and one set for putting away with the fine collectibles... But I may use them as paint cups later too.) I filled up one of the catman cups with diet coke and paid the man for the treasure. I did my part in the KISS army today. KISS now joins my other big gulp cups like elvira glow in the dark from weinscnitzel, Ateam from del taco, Star wars ep3 slurpee cups, and the fact that these cups will far out live me. Everyone has some bad habit they love, mine remains throwing cash at Gene Simmons and anything KISS puts out. Oh thank heaven for 7-11 and the long awaited KISS cups!