Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slum Circus Show a success!

My friend Dave put on a great artist's alley show in Inglewood on saturday Aug. 28th and I had a booth there. I had fun and it was great meeting all these really cool artists and the weather had finally cooled down making it just perfect for the event. Around late afternoon the sky lights let the sunshine in and left an ominous glow in the room. I traded with Donna Letterese a shirt for one of her prints for Sharon (She's I talked about a collaboration on the next Group Poop with Alex (He got 2 shirts and some prints too...) I bought the awesome Henry and Glenn Forever (that's at was a great host and all the folks there were very passionate about art and comics. We all got swag bags with cds, Find magazines, an event book and more... not to mention all the cool indie comics there. Dave plans to do a few more shows, and I will be in them, so I'll keep you posted right here. Here are some of the folks' websites: and here's the link to the slum circus site: SLUM CIRCUS

Scott at his Booth, Wheelin and Dealin!

My Merch out on display!

Video of the show in action!

My friend Alex Chiu, Author of Group Poop!

Dale Wilson writer of Caffeine Dreams Comics!

Nathanel and 2 girls who bought a shirt from me.

Jose here bought a "Stella" shirt!

The folks form Splatterbeast!

Some of the goods I picked up, I recommend "Henry and Glenn Forever" and "Group Poop" heck, all this stuff is great!

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