Monday, August 16, 2010

Find Magazine #3 Art Show 8-14-10 Costa Mesa,CA

Here's my work in the new issue of Find magazine. It was a fun show. I watched all the graffiti going on, live painting and Rick Reitveld getting his truck pin stripped. I talked to Rick for a little while. He's a very humble nice guy, and his friend Pat was cool too. I ran into Steve Carranza my former boss (boss? well, art director...) He had his glossy art surfboards up and some new work too. Nice to see his and his family. I hung out for quite a while. Geoff and Nate made me feel right at home. Really nice guys who really love the art and what they are doing. I suggest looking into their fine magazine. The next day our neighbors brought over fresh homemade oatmeal choc. chip cookies. Still warm! Later that night we had some of Sharon's mom's cinnamon raisin bread... what a weekend! I would have liked to have taken some photos of the show, but I was spent, so was my camera. I'm sure someone will post some pics. Here's the show's facebook spot : FIND SHOW

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