Monday, August 9, 2010

At last, I have found the elusive "Crying Dog" bank...

I don't go on ebay anymore. No money for things like that, but yesterday I searched for the heck of it, for this dog bank I've wanted since the 70's and found it for cheap! I had just been paid from a quick art job, so I decided to get it. Here's the story on why I would want this pitiful pooch: In the 70's I had a friend Danny Alverez who lived down the block with his big family. They had few things being a big family, but each kid had some kind of toy of their own. The old brother built disney haunted mansion models, danny had a speed racer helmet (or was it a nasa helmet?) and a crank up evel kennevil, another brother had rock em sockem robots and his sister who was always sad, had this bank. I asked her why she was sad and she tried to give me this bank. I obviously never forgot the face of this dog. It scarred me because I thought it look like male genitaillia. (Creepy...) It still is so creepy to me, I had to have it. I also remember they had some books like 2001 a space oddessey, watching lidsville, speed racer and the vampire guy that hosted the cartoon show we watched that showed banana splits etc... well you can't live in the past, but this will be a nice visit and a reminder of the old neighborhood

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