Saturday, July 3, 2010

The planets aligned yesterday...

I had the kind of day that everything just worked out. I talked to some of my uncle's back door man fanzine friends and was offered to curate a big art show gig in mid september at the croatian cultural center on 7th and pacific here in Pedro. I got good response from friends, bands and artists and it looks like it's going to happen. Then my close friend who moved away was in town for a few minutes and we had a great talk in the Warner Grand theater here in town. We talked about our families and you know how it is getting older it gets hard seeing people pass away or get sick. Just to see my friend for the few minutes was such a great moment and to be at the Warner as the setting was amazing. I'm so grateful for my friends, and this friend and I go back as far as 1978 and that day I was listening to some girls by the stones which came out that year too. (still a great stones lp, it was a favorite of my uncle's too. One of the best and most expensive to make record covers too..) This 4th of July remember to tell your friends you love them and give them hugs. Life is so fragile you never know, so be sure and say it now. Be careful and have a safe 4th! (the picture of the painting is of my late uncle Don Underwood he and my aunt Liz used to throw big family parties every 4th of July. We would play records all day(rock, punk, blues, doo wop, calypso...), make home made ice cream, BBQ, play croquet,he had a gum ball machine we would dig toys out of and he would have us put them back later. Sometimes I read through his underground comics too. My other uncles Bob and Bill would talk with Don about favorite 3 Stooges and Marx Bros. shows and the Lakers R.I.P.)

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