Monday, July 12, 2010

Peter Case is still great

I was a big Plimsouls fan way back. We used to request their songs on kroq because they would actually play them now and then. I doubt many remember the 'souls (As we called them...) or went to Case shows like I did in the 80's and 90's. (I used to take dates to case shows just so they could hear "walk in the woods" and think I was a romantic type of guy (great sad love song...)
Well... recently I was going to check out his show at the folk music center last june but I had no funds so I looked him up on you tube etc... and found that he was sick for a bit, and now o.k. an has a new cd called wig. This post is just to say I'm glad he's still around and making music. One of the best L.A. musicians I can think of, and a great crack in his vocal delivery that I have always loved. Get all the Plimsouls and Nerves stuff, then get "Peter Case" and Bumblebee too (those are my faves) Check out these videos too...">\">

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