Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New poster today and new band logo for Rawl and Kevin

I worked on a new poster today for Electric Frankenstein which is now for sale in my on line shop CLICK HERE for yours! Also today I made a new logo for Kid Kevin and Rawl Power's new band Hippy Riot. Mac and cheese for lunch peanut butter toast for breakfast. My new postcards came in today too.... want some? I will be going around dropping them off locally at the spots you know well... new stickers too! They will be at Guitar Safari tomorrow stop by and get some... sorry about the sample over the print, just buy one... O.K.?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Larry Wood the man behind the hotweels design

I had the chance to go to Larry's garage for an open hose a few times. and once I even tagged along on an interview to Larry's actual home! He is a very humble guy and his wife brought us cookies while we chatted. He showed us old drawings and stacks of photos... what sets him apart from other designers is when you go to buy hotwheels and one car might make you go "wow, look at this one..." It's usually a larry car. Now retired he has his own Larry's Garage line of some of his last work and old classics for mattel. One of his finishing touches is the real rider tire, it has rubber and tread like the real thing. Enjoy this clip!">

How to use Hotwheels properly...

I grew up with hot wheels and we pretty much wrecked the ones we had. Now year later I collect the old ones, which are hard to find in good condition... why? Just watch these clips and see what the normal kid puts them through. Take it from me kids, collect them later, have fun now! "> ">

Thursday, June 17, 2010

To the Cockmobile!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Favorite Jerry Lewis sketch ever....


Heavy Metal Movie

I watch this about twice a year at least. Might be my fave all time movie. Ralf Bakshi's masterpiece for sure... My friend London and I used to go see this at Midnight movies at Del Amo Mall in the 80's. It played with Pink Floyd's the Wall a lot. Usually people were getting stoned in line. (Don't smoke pot kids, be smart drink chocolate milk instead)

My Inspirations: Roger Dean

Obviously Avitar borrowed from the art of Roger Dean. Anytime I see his art it takes me back to the 80's smoking pot and looking at lp covers. (don't smoke pot kids, be smart) His art defines the 70's and 80's all on it's own. He was featured in Heavy Metal magazine a lot which is an adult cartoon magazine popular then (and still around). Back then we just called his art "Trippy". When I worked in the surf wear industry we had dean books in our library, and recently I found some dean books for cheap on amazon. Enjoy these trips!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Variety Arts Center in the 80's and 90's

I saw the Dead Boys, Weidos, Redd kross, All, Stiff little Fingers, Naked Raygun, Replacements, Wire and many more great bands there. Beautiful deco theather. The redd kross show was halloween that year and they had a costume party and played with the famous neurotica backdrop. I sat in the balcony (next to the guy who shot this video footage I guess...) I think they played 2 nights and I went to both shows. Same with the mats I saw them there 2 nights too. SLF played 2 shows back to back and I stayed for both.">

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Truly Inspiring... The great Les Paul

If you have not seen this documentary yet, you can watch it in segments on you tube for free. This is part one posted here... He played all the way to the end he claimed it helped his bad joints in his hands, and he was still great. Inventor of the electric guitar and the humbucking pick up. What a life! And he knew all the legends too.">