Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday after the Screamin show

So I was out in the sun (overcast sun that is...) at the Screamin show and today at the local car wash it caught up to me and blam, I'm sick! The show was fun but I had stuff to do today and had to re-sched some things. The new rank and file mag is out now at Gasoline Gallery too... with a big feature on this guy Aicher and that Williams cat, Damian, Pizz... It's so legit, it must be a hit! Mom and Chuck made it to the show and cousin Keith too... My site has a link to all the pics and videos from the day. Oh shirts for Gasoline by me too! Make sure to see the show this month. My movie pick this month? Crazyheart with jeff Bridges, real good, see for yourself... Wednesday our local movie house has a deal on Ironman 2 and I'm cravin some movie corn...I'll let you know what I think on that 'un. Back to painting this week. I'm making some cheap (or affodable) art for the website all originals for under 100 bucks, Yep! I ain't lyin' so check out the site real regular like:

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