Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rhino Revival, Watt Testifies!

I got a ride from Rawl and Paloma over to the gig. Saw Vinnie there and Kid Kevin and lots of pedro folks. It was a benefit for the crysalis foundation so they had it set up as a temporary Rhino store. My uncle Don Underwood and I used to go to rhino for the parking lot sales where you could buy records by the pound (I think it was 3 pounds for 25 cents or something like that?) I remeber if they had rare merch they never priced it at a collector price, so if a record was used, you paid the used record price. This day was like the old days. Most of the things I bought wre under a buck! I got a big book on country singers that i am going to paint from (good reference pics of carl perkins, sam phillips, even E himself, Dolly too!) a huge book for 15 bucks. I bought a Ray Stevens cd(90 cents), a Courtney Love america's sweetheart (90 cents), bbking early days cd(2bucks), Black sabbath technical ecstasy cd(2bucks), and a library book called how to be a folk singer(90 cents), and a beatnik b movie dvd(2bucks). So if they keep it going, get over there and help out with a donation or simply buy some crud (like a ray stevens cd they had lots of them and easy e cassettes for 45 cents (a big box of them, this is what most of the Pedro dudes bought). I going to post the best videos from the day here. I only got 5 videos because i felt silly holding my camera up and not dancing foolishly, but at least I can say I shot the footage myself. One day I'm going to get a camera with good audio for these things. Thanks for the ride you guys, I had fun. I miss Rhino Records in westwood. My uncle's spirit was with me that day. Probably Steve from peanut records' too. and don't forget D. BOON! I talked to Tom Watson after the show and he said they are going to start playing a different set soon, I told him I like the set they play now (espech the wire tunes!) they thew in some new minutemen stuff too. a killer "funhouse" (too bad I didn't get it on video). I got some of the Gears show here too, who ripped it up! enjoy the videos!

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