Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jeff McDonald Performs The Outrageous Incantations of Beatrice Winters LP Review

In the adult world there is little room for really letting go. Most people as adult give up things like "Lets start a band" or let's make mud pies or whatever the spontaneous things we did. This is Jeff's leftover creative drain off, because if you never stopped being creative sometimes you make art like this in moments of simple release. Is this a good lp? Do you own Metal machine Music? Is that good too? If you are experienced like jimi was you may understand where this record takes you. I would compare this the the Butthole's Hairway lp but without the brain melt. I like the video for the shake it sister song (I'm going to let you find it yourself on you tube) It has jeff live at at the jonas bros. concert at at magic mountain riding coasters (remember the magic pagoda with the strobe room where the kids would smoke pot?) I bought a rubber lobster there in the 70's. Even though this is noisy I could see this getting played at a hip art opening somewhere. This may wind up as a rare lp one day (it may be sold out already only 500 made) If you can't get enough of the Beatles number 9, this may be the lp you have been waiting for. Hey, isn't the cover kind of like Ciccone Youth's cover somehow? I've got blisters on me fingers....

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