Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jeff McDonald Performs The Outrageous Incantations of Beatrice Winters LP Review

In the adult world there is little room for really letting go. Most people as adult give up things like "Lets start a band" or let's make mud pies or whatever the spontaneous things we did. This is Jeff's leftover creative drain off, because if you never stopped being creative sometimes you make art like this in moments of simple release. Is this a good lp? Do you own Metal machine Music? Is that good too? If you are experienced like jimi was you may understand where this record takes you. I would compare this the the Butthole's Hairway lp but without the brain melt. I like the video for the shake it sister song (I'm going to let you find it yourself on you tube) It has jeff live at at the jonas bros. concert at at magic mountain riding coasters (remember the magic pagoda with the strobe room where the kids would smoke pot?) I bought a rubber lobster there in the 70's. Even though this is noisy I could see this getting played at a hip art opening somewhere. This may wind up as a rare lp one day (it may be sold out already only 500 made) If you can't get enough of the Beatles number 9, this may be the lp you have been waiting for. Hey, isn't the cover kind of like Ciccone Youth's cover somehow? I've got blisters on me fingers....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bald Gene? O.k. by me...

I hear he is going to be on his show bald from now on. Paul Stanley has been seen with his short hair too. So they wear wigs on stage... are you surprised after all this time? Me neither. He looks good bald. That episode of his show when he doesn't want to go in the water during a military training course (can't wet the toupe) made me nervous. The last live kiss footage looked like Paul's bad hips were hurting him big time... I do hope they make one more record though before they pack it in (Maybe they wont?) Man time flies...

Up late watching you tube

I got to get to sleep, but I found this kind of rare Kiss video from Revenge. Good song and revenge is a good cd really... I hope the next cd has ken kelly art or something cool like the unmasked cartoon cover and maybe a poster or sticker with it? Know what I mean? I got my copy of the new Jeff McDonald solo lp in the mail (only 500 made) Now I got to hook up the turntable again... all lp's made now should have a digital download code somewhere too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rhino Revival, Watt Testifies!

I got a ride from Rawl and Paloma over to the gig. Saw Vinnie there and Kid Kevin and lots of pedro folks. It was a benefit for the crysalis foundation so they had it set up as a temporary Rhino store. My uncle Don Underwood and I used to go to rhino for the parking lot sales where you could buy records by the pound (I think it was 3 pounds for 25 cents or something like that?) I remeber if they had rare merch they never priced it at a collector price, so if a record was used, you paid the used record price. This day was like the old days. Most of the things I bought wre under a buck! I got a big book on country singers that i am going to paint from (good reference pics of carl perkins, sam phillips, even E himself, Dolly too!) a huge book for 15 bucks. I bought a Ray Stevens cd(90 cents), a Courtney Love america's sweetheart (90 cents), bbking early days cd(2bucks), Black sabbath technical ecstasy cd(2bucks), and a library book called how to be a folk singer(90 cents), and a beatnik b movie dvd(2bucks). So if they keep it going, get over there and help out with a donation or simply buy some crud (like a ray stevens cd they had lots of them and easy e cassettes for 45 cents (a big box of them, this is what most of the Pedro dudes bought). I going to post the best videos from the day here. I only got 5 videos because i felt silly holding my camera up and not dancing foolishly, but at least I can say I shot the footage myself. One day I'm going to get a camera with good audio for these things. Thanks for the ride you guys, I had fun. I miss Rhino Records in westwood. My uncle's spirit was with me that day. Probably Steve from peanut records' too. and don't forget D. BOON! I talked to Tom Watson after the show and he said they are going to start playing a different set soon, I told him I like the set they play now (espech the wire tunes!) they thew in some new minutemen stuff too. a killer "funhouse" (too bad I didn't get it on video). I got some of the Gears show here too, who ripped it up! enjoy the videos!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday after the Screamin show

So I was out in the sun (overcast sun that is...) at the Screamin show and today at the local car wash it caught up to me and blam, I'm sick! The show was fun but I had stuff to do today and had to re-sched some things. The new rank and file mag is out now at Gasoline Gallery too... with a big feature on this guy Aicher and that Williams cat, Damian, Pizz... It's so legit, it must be a hit! Mom and Chuck made it to the show and cousin Keith too... My site has a link to all the pics and videos from the day. Oh shirts for Gasoline by me too! Make sure to see the show this month. My movie pick this month? Crazyheart with jeff Bridges, real good, see for yourself... Wednesday our local movie house has a deal on Ironman 2 and I'm cravin some movie corn...I'll let you know what I think on that 'un. Back to painting this week. I'm making some cheap (or affodable) art for the website all originals for under 100 bucks, Yep! I ain't lyin' so check out the site real regular like:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Having a groovy saturday today

Here's me and chet grooving out on saturday. The new painting "Awesome" is at the Hive gallery this month and is for sale there. Some new paintings too... Life is wonderful!