Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This months inspirations and finds

I have been getting some old books that were in the libraries of some of the places I worked. You can really score on old used books on ebay and amazon, but read the description carefully... sometimes you can get really ruined books if your not careful. I picked up these two Olivia books. Although dated 1980's they are great for technique studies for pin up art. I also got the warners book for 7 bucks. This book goes for hundreds at times. My copy was in good shape too. Picked up a Mechagodzilla at cvs in the toy isle when shopping for Diet coke and PBR. Went to memory lanes mall in torrance (I go there when I get the blues sometimes) I found this vintage spidey car shown here in the box, but mine was un-boxed (but cheap! which is the best part) At this month's "little flea" in old torrance I found the spiderman van for a buck. Just because you are broke does not mean you can't still have some fun. The rest of my budget money went to canvas and supplies. I working on making my pin up chicks look better, so now with this good reference, it's improving. Party on people...

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