Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This months inspirations and finds

I have been getting some old books that were in the libraries of some of the places I worked. You can really score on old used books on ebay and amazon, but read the description carefully... sometimes you can get really ruined books if your not careful. I picked up these two Olivia books. Although dated 1980's they are great for technique studies for pin up art. I also got the warners book for 7 bucks. This book goes for hundreds at times. My copy was in good shape too. Picked up a Mechagodzilla at cvs in the toy isle when shopping for Diet coke and PBR. Went to memory lanes mall in torrance (I go there when I get the blues sometimes) I found this vintage spidey car shown here in the box, but mine was un-boxed (but cheap! which is the best part) At this month's "little flea" in old torrance I found the spiderman van for a buck. Just because you are broke does not mean you can't still have some fun. The rest of my budget money went to canvas and supplies. I working on making my pin up chicks look better, so now with this good reference, it's improving. Party on people...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Major website updates today!

Here's the details on my all night website update session for

New, New, New all for you... New Blog, New Sale on Brand new shirt design! New Paintings for sale! New Gallery section updates with new art, flyers, sketchbook pages. New Show history/Links section updates. New tunes even! On the way are new mugs, limited edition Poster Prints (Electric Frankenstein Shows! Whoa!) Ron Asheton Memorial Buttons and Planet Sixty Seven Shopping Tote Bags! Happy earth day! I have been up all night to bring you what's new, and now it's 10am I need some sleep... nighty night

To see the new site click here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hive Gallery May 1st 2010 Show!

Be there! I will have art in this show... for more info click the link HERE

Back to this blog again...

So trying to lose 100 pounds in this year is still a goal, but no longer a blog. Why? The loose gain loose again for one thing and I don't like to talk about weight, let alone blog about it... so, this is where I will bitch and moan still, but I will only tell you weight loss now and then. I'm still focused as ever to loose this weight, but I'd rather not talk about it, besides... is anyone really reading this? I have no subscribers, so chances are it's just a fart in the wind anyway....