Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas photos are posted....

.... They are on Chet's Corner (The blog of our 2 dogs) Just click HERE

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this blog...

2011 is knocking. We are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's it going to be like when those soldiers come home? Higher crime? Crippled homeless vets? Let's not put the hose before the cart. They need to get home first. I try not think about it. I don't think about the economy recovering soon either. All my art friends have lowered their already low prices and people now expect art for around 20 bucks. I guess you got to learn how to almost give it away. If you can make a buck out there you have to stretch it till the eagle grins. That seems to be the mindset of most people. This year I am going to do the same as last year and paint my hiney off. What else can I do? All the jobs out there are all taken by college interns who work cheap or free. As I watched True Grit this week I wondered when we are going to get back to the wild untamed times of the wild west or something like Mad Max. those are just movies and even still Try not to think about that stuff.

We all get help where we can these days. It's so easy to get depressed too. I try to be optimistic, but everyones bummed out most times. One good thing is I don't drive back and fourth to work on the 405 anymore. That time probably took years off my life. I'm still in fairly good shape health wise, but I do need to loose lots of weight. Will see how I do on that this year, but I'm ready for it. I have a wife who loves me almost unconditionally and two very eager to please dogs. We still have our house and can pay the bills. Those are the things try to focus on. I get to paint what I want everyday too. Maybe the best thing of all. It's a dream come true and I'm working hard as I can to keep it going.

This year for christmas I tried to do some things we have been meaning to take care of but never got to. Like getting the cable tv in the bedroom too, I got a router for Sharon's laptop so she can go on the net even if I'm on it already and I got a little commission job to pay for a recliner for Sharon for when she gets home from work. This year it's about finding the best way to help out those close to you and let them know you care. Well, for me that's how I'm doing it this year. If you have not done something for the people you love this year it's never too late. Remember this too... Hugs are free and always make people feel good. If you see me around this year that's what I'd like from you all. A big hug.... Love, Scott

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I got for x mas

My Off! box set came in the mail this week so happy xmas to me. It kicks you in the gut. The art in the book and cover is the most intense and disturbing since jealous again. Very creepy, powerful and good. I love this video too. I have been making my own songs lately, but not as good as this. You can feel the spontaneous emotions loud and clear.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New updates for the new year....2011!

So this next year should be better than last year, but who knows... maybe we'll all get blown up? This image is of a commission work I did for my pal Dirk from Guitar Safari here in downtown Pedro. I update my website again and this time I actually like it, so check that out by clicking here: New shows are coming up soon. Christmas this year for me is some new tech stuff for the brain box. I got a wireless router for us so we can use the net on Sharon's laptop as well as my mac mini. Got an interface for guitar and mic plug ins to the box and have begun recording the debut album (or maybe ep) for my band Ike Powers and the Plagiarists and yes, we have a blog page. Just click here: Ike Powers What else? Chet and Coco (the dogs) are well and will have christmas photos on their blog page soon. I hope you all have been extra nice to folks everywhere because the man with the sack is on the way. Unless you like lumps of coal. In that case f*it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

New design for the Blog page?

That design stuff you see in the background is a new thing I call the Meatball. It may get used as the cover to my next mini comic or made into shirts. You want a nice meatball shirt? email me at and I will get them done if folks request them... New art shows soon and other things going on are secret for now.... but very soon new things!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi De Ho leaves historic location in Santa Monica, CA

My favorite spot to stop for years was HiDeHo comics in Santa Monica. I often drove there on weekends or just to go for a drive. The thing about it is it had the best location and atmosphere. I'm sure they still have good deals in their new spot, but that old spot was even the place of that famous photo of all the zap artist together taken in the parking lot. I worked in mailbu for years, and would stop there for lunch and wednesday nights for new comic days. These photos are what I could find on the old location. Now a days I go to Geoffery's in Hawthorne, sometimes Comic Cult in torrance and I might swing in to Amazing Comic in Long Beach now and then. I guess I need to see the new location of Hi De Ho too...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

December show at the Hive, downtown L.A.

After the flea tomorrow morning I have to drop off for the Dec. Hive show ($100.00 or less) art show. These are the fruits of my labor for it. $45.00, $45.00 and $55.00 good cheap deals! Check it out!

New Collectable Day!

Just in today from ebay... My favorite actor, Barney Rubble or Pablo Marmol if you like. I'm going to the flea market tomorrow and should I remember my camera I will take photos again...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early xmas gift for your eyes... an EF flyer done last night

I did this last night for EF. Kinda needed it fast as the show was this weekend, so it has all kinds of that spontaneity you all like. Remember folks I draw flyers for bands that you can afford. Just contact me via email: If you like the flyer leave a comment!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once possible KISS/Elder movie: What may have been...

So me being the big KISS fanatic that I am I love all their output. Even the most mystery wrapped release they ever made,"Music from the Elder". Every KISS fan that bought this asked themselves, "what were they thinking, and what does this opera lp mean?" Well, as I sometimes buy used dvd's on amazon I decided to have a Ralph Bakshi animation week, so I got a few of his titles I ether forgot about or never saw. Ralph made the Lord of the Rings film and the great cult movie Heavy Metal which was a series of stories based on features from Heavy Metal magazine. It also featured a hit soundtrack with classic rock acts. When KISS made Music from the Elder they claimed they had a movie idea to go with it. also they had Lou Reed co write some songs for it. So I rent this movie by Bakshi called "Rock and Rule" which may be a glimpse of what they were shooting for. Gene Simmons said they were thinking of a concept like Dungeons and Dragons with a boy hero. A coming of age story animated feature. Rock and rule has music by debbi harry, cheap trick, Iggy and, you guessed it, Lou Reed.... it's a love wins in the end good vs. evil story, but I'm guessing this may have once been the Elder movie planned then scrapped into Rock and Rule. KISS must have wanted to cash in on the midnight movie craze in the early 80's since that's were cool lived at that time. Song remains the same by led Zep, The Sargent Pepper Movie, Heavy Metal, Pink Floyd the Wall, and then to bring in the new music Dance Craze and The Decline of Western Civiliztaion. All of which late night movies then cable classics. I have to guess KISS's timing was off and they must have missed the window for this kind of movie to work. So pick this up if you get the chance. The music is all good and the animation like this will never be made this way again ( I love the 80's animation look of all of Bakshi's "rotoscoped" movies...). If you like this and want another classic Rock and Roll movie from this time check out "Roadie" with Meatloaf! (also fetauing Cheap Trick music). Until next time, the balcony is closed...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Breakfast with Blassie

My sister recently was talking about Tony Clifton which lead me to post this Andy Kaufman classic here. I have this on vhs tape given to me by a former boss along with a plaque that said best in show number one black and white bitch (I used to be an inker there... the plaque was obviously from a dog show) Well, I love going out to breakfast, and this is really good. Classie Freddy Blassie also sang the great tune Pencil Neck Geek as well as being known as a pro wrestler. Enjoy this one!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con Saturday Afternoon Oct,30, 2010

Round two for the con. Had a meeting with Dave from Slum Circus (good guy that dave). Brought some subway foot longs to avoid paying 6 bucks for a sweaty hot dog. Today went smooth because I scoped out what I wanted to do on friday. The loot today? I tried to keep the spending down, but on the way out I got in a haggle war with a comic vendor on a minty Silver Surfer Number 2 (Yeah I know it's not "Number 1" but that goes for the high dollars) I'm not one to normally buy rare comics, but he knocked 25 bucks off his asking price. I don't know if I got a great deal (I need to price it out) but a few folks at the booth said "you sold that book for how much?" so, I think it was a good buy. Bought a boot dvd of "The Decline" and a few budget friendly old Spectacular Spiderman comics from the days of my youth. Check out the Superfriends I got photos of. Happy Halloween, be safe people!

My score! Sliver Surfer number 2!

The Monarch and his girl from Venture Brothers Cartoons (One of my faves!)

Bobafett's sister, Boobafett (Star Wars)

A Flock of Fetts

I like DC Comics, here's Wonder erahhhha, where was I?

Bigger than the Hulk almost...

Here's me and Lew Temple from Banjo and Sullivan (a Rob Zombie side project) Really cool guy. I bought his cd.

I used to work for the Dark Side before I became a Jedi 2 years ago... this is me and some of the old "Empire" dudes...

Long Beach Comic Con Friday Night

Kinda slow on friday night. Maybe it was hopping earlier.... Got a Logan's Run soundtrack for the cool cover art. A few indy comics. Meeting slum circus guy tomorrow there. I took that picture of the movie marquee because the new Cher movie is playing there. Got up too early again. Back to sleep.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful day at the little flea, Downtown Torrance!

The weather was perfect for the flea market. We were budgeting so I decided to take a few photos so not to spend too much.
Besides we left our pups inside until we got back. When we got home we had a crock pot full of 14 bean soup and fresh bread from Pollyanne's bakery. It was a great day. We had a good time....
By the way... Click any photo for a larger view.

Say "Cheese!"

Sharon and her fave find of the day... Plastic xmas ornaments!

Love this toy pile!

Wooden Clogs for sale....

Hail Ceaser! and his mighty eagle...

This kid always lines his cars up each time. I try and buy a few from him each time. He's a nice kid.

More of his lined up cars....

My fave stop. This guys always has a few of the cars I collect. He's fair with his prices too. This is why I go.

More cars to drool over....

I bought this bottle opener from these guys (it was like the one used on Pink Floyd's Relics lp) I did not notice when I was there that they had racist stuff (had I known I would have passed on buying from them). Some others had questionable stuff too. (Nazi stuff) I don't like to buy from these dealers.

I heard he's coming to town...

Once again Dr. Jones, what was once yours, is now mine....

and here's the loot... I try not to buy fischer price toys, but this was so cute I made an exception (and the price was right...) The Ice T hotwheel is a Tom Danels fave of mine.... I haggeled a bit on it, and got a good deal. Richard Scarey books have great illustrations in them and I got this one for only 3 bucks... and the "Relics" bottle opener like the one on the Pink Floyd cover.
After the bean soup, I took a good little snooze. Tonight the annual "Longest yard sale" TV show is on at 8. Time to go toss the ball for the dogs... until next post, Aloha!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A visit from Cousin Lori, Her husband Dennis, and son DJ

My cousin Lori came by for a quick hello, and I finally met their son DJ who is seven. DJ loves art, and great Grandma Ardis gave him some pastels while they were in town. He is quite a charming guy with good manners. Too bad we didn't have more time to draw... Nice to see Lori and Dennis too. Lori and I were good friends growing up. Sometimes we even wore matching outfits! Good to see them....