Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 7 (I think...)

O.k. so I'm down another 2 pounds... Stress is making it harder to track points, but I'm still at it. I have been cranking out the art work lately for upcoming shows. Long painting sessions... This week I'm going to have to know when to let up on it, and get out on some walks. Our dog Daisy has some medical issues at the moment, but we should know soon if she's going to get through it. Holidays are here again. Bring on the bird! Put out the potatoes! Give me the gravy! Slide me some stuffing! I've been good!

So, the website will have lots more stuff for sale soon, and lots of new art will be on the site too! Look forward to seeing new prints, shirts, hats, buttons, original paintings, etc... I'm taking down the halloween stuff soon, so get it soon if you want it, or wait till next year.

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