Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enter: The Chet

New puppy we are picking up today. Part Pomeranian, Part Chihuahua, Part Jack Russell. Little Chet... His down low looks like a pencil eraser, no acorns visible yet. He'll get to be about 11 pounds or so... He likes to nap, then play, nap again. He was the mellowest of the litter. His mom's name is patches.

Monday, November 23, 2009

R.I.P. Daisy Aicher

She was loved by all that knew her. She protected us at all times. She gave love to all that knew her. She was very independent, and loved butterflies and loved to point birds. She was pretty and she was very proud of it. Daisy, Sharon and I were a unit of 3. She is holding our place in the next world. We miss you Daisy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Commissioned Painting

This was a request from Sam and Tami. They were specific about what they wanted. I think this turned out real cool... If you want me to paint you something, just email me at or find me on my website by clicking here:

What a slacker! Two bad weeks...

Daisy loves her bed!
Great Grandma's old stool
The 1930's Wedge Wood Stove

I got sick the last two weeks. Some kind of cold, not the Swine, although my eating was out of control this last week. I fought the bad stuff off, but I caved this week with the worst of all sins... the Glazed Donut, two of them, then an apple fritter... you heard me! I got it back in check today with a turkey burger for lunch and chicken soup for dinner. I will live to fight another day...

My father in law restored the red stool that once belonged to my great grandmother. It was crusty with rust. My mom gave it to me partly steel wooled (she got some rust off). George finished it. As you can see... it looks good next to our 1930's stove we got from our new neighbors. My mom also got a new cedar bed for Daisy (now a 3 legger) to cuddle up on.

Thanks Mom and George!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 7 (I think...)

O.k. so I'm down another 2 pounds... Stress is making it harder to track points, but I'm still at it. I have been cranking out the art work lately for upcoming shows. Long painting sessions... This week I'm going to have to know when to let up on it, and get out on some walks. Our dog Daisy has some medical issues at the moment, but we should know soon if she's going to get through it. Holidays are here again. Bring on the bird! Put out the potatoes! Give me the gravy! Slide me some stuffing! I've been good!

So, the website will have lots more stuff for sale soon, and lots of new art will be on the site too! Look forward to seeing new prints, shirts, hats, buttons, original paintings, etc... I'm taking down the halloween stuff soon, so get it soon if you want it, or wait till next year.