Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rocket Boat, Long Beach, Last Night....

Sometimes I feel that those who have passed on provide healing moments in life. Like they let us know they are still with us. These times for me are usually at Mike Watt gigs for me, as my uncle who has passed was a big fan of, and of course D.BOON's spirit is at every Watt gig. I talked with Larry who had lost a grandmother that day. I lost my grandma Peg last year. It made me think of how short life is, and how great these people, most of whom were my friends really are.
The night was so perfect. The bands were great. Paloma's new band (I did not catch their name...) they were great! Kind of spy/surf sounding. Toys that kill I always miss for some reason, and finally got the chance to see them, and talk to most of them, and even talked to one of their mom's who told me she was a fan of my art! (wow! that made my night!).
Watt, Rawl, and Tom were great as usual, lots of Minutemen, Wire, Roky Erickson and Stooges tunes. The best moment was when watt connected at the end when he slowed things down (as he stated) with one guitar, one drum, one bass...

I felt a lot of love on that boat. I talked to Craig about how I felt about the Rise and Fall (fanzine). You folks should know that guy really does everything he can to get that zine to be the best. That zine gives all of us pedro dudes a voice (thanks, Craig!). Aaron White is another close friend there. We are getting to be like the clayton brothers, it just a matter of time before we start collaborating on the same canvases. It's good to have him in my life. Rawl and Kevin gave me hugs. I kept thinking of the scene form lord of the rings (cartoon version) where gandalf and frodo sail off on that boat at he end into infinity. The water was so calm, and the air was so perfect as the boat circled the harbor, I watched the lights. These are those friends for me. These are the friends of my lifetime who I cry with, share joy, and often celebrate life with. These friend constantly inspire me to be the best I can. I am greatful for them, and last night. One I'll never forget

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