Monday, August 24, 2009

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Modern Day" released today...

Modern Day Delilah is the first official track released off the new KISS cd today. It sounds way better now that you can hear it with it's full production value. I was concerned for a moment I was getting over-hyped again by the kiss machine, but I admit, it sounds great. Hurry up October 6th!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who's album will take you back to the 70's?

Leaks of both albums are out now, mostly of ace's new disc, and today the "sonic boom" art was revealed. Being made by the guy that made the rock and roll over cover (and the logo for the melrose store "Chick-a-boom" which I can bet the artist showed that logo to paul and paul might have said, "What about Sonic Boom?") I have to say this is what I was waiting for, the new KISS cover art... It's not bad, but I'm not blown away by it, and the song revealed today (modern day delialah) sound like carnival of souls KISS, not KISS 1977 or 1976. The rest of the cd may suprise me later, but this is what I thought it would be... not that I'm not glad there is a new cd coming out of KISS music, but both KISS and Ace have hyped their discs as being as good as their 70's heydays. In Ace's case, this is true. As promised everything I've head so far is classic sounding with a bit more guitar punch than his early stuff. I like his website design and cd cover design too.
It pops with color. The light blue on the sonic boom cover needs more saturation, and the faces should have thin lines separating them from the "boom" lines, but it is what it is... I really hope the rest of the KISS cd is better. I'm looknig forward to both cd's. If they both come to town, I might try and see Ace. KISS is going to cost too much (you know this is true) Ace will play smaller clubs and I might be able to afford that. (like most of you out there, we are on a budget)

Like John said to Yoko, "Don't let me down!"and Walmart sucks, I don't like to shop there, but if I want the new KISS cd I guess I have to shop walmart, they have destroyed many small businesses. I'm not suprised KISS signed a deal with this corporate monster...
Rock on, Rock Soliders!