Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ace Frehley Shocked Me!

I woke up this morning after Sharon went to get the car serviced and decided to check my email and some usual websites. I checked kiss asylum . com and their was the message that Ace Frehley was going to be at Amoeba at 3:00 today for Record store day. Anyone that knows me knows that Ace is my childhood idol. I got ready at 9:00 and as soon as sharon got back I headed to hollywood. I brought my 1978 lunchbox to have signed and I wore my Kiss necktie my sister gave me for christmas a few years back. I brought my camera, but their was a no pictures allowed thing going and only one item for signing. A lot of people in line were complaining about the rules, but I figured it's free, and was thankful for the moment. When I got my turn ace said, "hey, you brought your lunch!" I pointed to my tie and said, "I got dressed up too" We laughed.

I have always been afraid if I met him I'd be let down somehow, but like the foo fighters song says "there goes my hero, he's ordinary..." What a great day! As far as records went they had all kinds of exclusive vinyl for the day. I bought a smiths single for sharon, and for me an mc5 single, a reissue of the first Bad Religion 45, an out of print Mick Ronson cd, some Turbonegro and Camper Van Beethovan. There was all kinds of swag in the bag when I got home (land of the lost stickers, iron on band and record company logos, even a whoopie cushion!

Someone up there was smiling down on me today!