Saturday, March 28, 2009

Latest show and reflecting on recent good times

Green Machine?
A lovely setting...

Burger Wars?
Inside the studio
Pat and Lorna!

Here are some photos of events I attended (car shows, the germs, comic con) and some photos from around the house. I updated the website again to let folks know I make buttons now too! My latest show (A traveling benefit show for type one diabetes called Pre-Existing Condition) has reviews featured here:    and here:

Monday, March 16, 2009

My website has my paintings and shirts for sale now!

Visit my website for all my things for sale (shirts, guitars, birdhouses, paintings, plaques, Records, Etc..) to get there click HERE Email me with which one you want or custom orders.

Pedro Products you should have (so get them!)

My friends in Killer Dreamer have been kind enough to let me design their lp cover for their latest release 1,000 years of servitude. They get better each release, and I dig this one! I play it on my ipod on dog walks or grocery shopping. The lp comes with a full cd version too! they are great guys too, get it soon, I think it's limited too...
and! I was in the art release party for the book "Bukowski's L.A." by Matt Dukes Jordan with my old pal Aaron White. Matt's book is a fun read about Buk's favorite local spots, and this is a must for fans! What do both of these have in common? San Pedro! 

Mod Moon Mom

This will be in the traveling show too.

I thought I should make one of these as to inform the people of my upcoming shows and what's doing and such. I'm waiting to have my art picked up at the moment for a travelling show to benefit type 1 diabetes. It will start at the light galleries in costa mesa CA. on March 20th 2009.
I also was invited to a Voo Doo art show in may, so I'm doing something for that too. I added about 20 new paintings for sale on my website Here:  

I hope to see you at the shows. As usual, email me here: if you would like any art done, or would like to buy my shirts or current art for sale!

Many Thanks!

Scott Aicher