Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Show coming up this February!

Early to Bet (Roll out the barrel...)

The boys around the block used to beat each other up after watching this cartoon. Too violent? It's just a cartoon...That music is a real classic. That's when you know you're in trouble...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enter: The Chet

New puppy we are picking up today. Part Pomeranian, Part Chihuahua, Part Jack Russell. Little Chet... His down low looks like a pencil eraser, no acorns visible yet. He'll get to be about 11 pounds or so... He likes to nap, then play, nap again. He was the mellowest of the litter. His mom's name is patches.

Monday, November 23, 2009

R.I.P. Daisy Aicher

She was loved by all that knew her. She protected us at all times. She gave love to all that knew her. She was very independent, and loved butterflies and loved to point birds. She was pretty and she was very proud of it. Daisy, Sharon and I were a unit of 3. She is holding our place in the next world. We miss you Daisy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Commissioned Painting

This was a request from Sam and Tami. They were specific about what they wanted. I think this turned out real cool... If you want me to paint you something, just email me at aichertime@sbcglobal.net or find me on my website by clicking here: www.planetsixtyseven.com

What a slacker! Two bad weeks...

Daisy loves her bed!
Great Grandma's old stool
The 1930's Wedge Wood Stove

I got sick the last two weeks. Some kind of cold, not the Swine, although my eating was out of control this last week. I fought the bad stuff off, but I caved this week with the worst of all sins... the Glazed Donut, two of them, then an apple fritter... you heard me! I got it back in check today with a turkey burger for lunch and chicken soup for dinner. I will live to fight another day...

My father in law restored the red stool that once belonged to my great grandmother. It was crusty with rust. My mom gave it to me partly steel wooled (she got some rust off). George finished it. As you can see... it looks good next to our 1930's stove we got from our new neighbors. My mom also got a new cedar bed for Daisy (now a 3 legger) to cuddle up on.

Thanks Mom and George!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 7 (I think...)

O.k. so I'm down another 2 pounds... Stress is making it harder to track points, but I'm still at it. I have been cranking out the art work lately for upcoming shows. Long painting sessions... This week I'm going to have to know when to let up on it, and get out on some walks. Our dog Daisy has some medical issues at the moment, but we should know soon if she's going to get through it. Holidays are here again. Bring on the bird! Put out the potatoes! Give me the gravy! Slide me some stuffing! I've been good!

So, the website will have lots more stuff for sale soon, and lots of new art will be on the site too! Look forward to seeing new prints, shirts, hats, buttons, original paintings, etc... I'm taking down the halloween stuff soon, so get it soon if you want it, or wait till next year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tom and Rawl

Rawl and Tom are friends of mine. I made the buttons for this tour. I watched the early posts of them, and now they have the songs down. They both bring the magic to the music when they have it right. Watch for yourself... they did not have much time to learn these songs before the tour.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 5

Lots of stress this week made for no weight loss. Our dog Daisy had a leg removed due to cancer, and we found out Sharon's dad has a small melonoma spot to be removed too (he just recently got rid of another case of cancer). So, this week was tough, but I did not gain anything. This next week I intend to get more walks in. I went to the meeting this week too (last week I just weighed in) I'm going to plan out a few meals today, and try and make it more fun. Cancer sucks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What the hell is this?

I can not believe this video. Everyone says how bad Peter Criss is, what is this? Is he really even playing those drums, or just playing along to a recording? Check out those facial expressions too... I think he's normally a great drummer, but i just got my bueno aries bonus disk from my copy of sonic boom... that's right, same thing. Did he not get his bonus check, or did someone pee in his wheaties? I'm glad I'm skipping them this time around. Eric Singer, ladies and gentlemen...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weight Watchers Week 4

So, today I thought I really blew it this week. Even though you get extra points, I try not to use them, but this week I felt like I gained 3 pounds, but that's what I lost 3 pounds! I got my second gold star, which means I am down 10 pounds! Slow and easy does it like snoop says. Lean and mean machine!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

One that my sister and I loved back in the day

They don't make cartoons like this now. Great backgrounds, crazy and funny...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Totally Amazing 4 year old drummer!

How good is this guy going to be in a few years?
(click here to view)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weight Watchers week two

I lost point 2 (almost half a pound) this week. Why? No exercise... I stayed busy with work, but never got outside. The week before I lost 6 pounds. For week 3 I'm shooting for another 6 pounds. Slow and steady is the plan... It's not too bad of a plan.
I'm thinking lean and mean.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My favorite KISS outfits....

KISS got new outfits for this tour. This video shows they clearly stole clothing from their grandmothers as well as their moms. Not much footage from these days... I think they are trying to erase this time.

Interview with Casey Kasem... ace and eric explain the elder concept (I still don't get it)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've heard them both now.. Both are great!

The new ace cd came out this week, and I've heard the new KISS cd (which I have pre ordered from wal mart, and I'll probably buy the vinyl if it comes out too...) It is as good as they said. All the tracks are great, and I really like Eric and Tommy's tracks. I think my favorite was Eric's song. I can't wait to hold my copy in my hands. Ace's cd is has some new sounds for ace, but it kicks ass too. Good time to be a KISS fan!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Whitney's on Oprah this week...

As you probably miss "Being Bobby Brown" like me, this week is all about Whit on Oprah...
This clip is where I became a Whitney fan.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One of the best cartoons ever...

I was going to post some old popeyes because they are the best for actual drawing, but this this the power of art all right here in one cartoon...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rocket Boat, Long Beach, Last Night....

Sometimes I feel that those who have passed on provide healing moments in life. Like they let us know they are still with us. These times for me are usually at Mike Watt gigs for me, as my uncle who has passed was a big fan of, and of course D.BOON's spirit is at every Watt gig. I talked with Larry who had lost a grandmother that day. I lost my grandma Peg last year. It made me think of how short life is, and how great these people, most of whom were my friends really are.
The night was so perfect. The bands were great. Paloma's new band (I did not catch their name...) they were great! Kind of spy/surf sounding. Toys that kill I always miss for some reason, and finally got the chance to see them, and talk to most of them, and even talked to one of their mom's who told me she was a fan of my art! (wow! that made my night!).
Watt, Rawl, and Tom were great as usual, lots of Minutemen, Wire, Roky Erickson and Stooges tunes. The best moment was when watt connected at the end when he slowed things down (as he stated) with one guitar, one drum, one bass...

I felt a lot of love on that boat. I talked to Craig about how I felt about the Rise and Fall (fanzine). You folks should know that guy really does everything he can to get that zine to be the best. That zine gives all of us pedro dudes a voice (thanks, Craig!). Aaron White is another close friend there. We are getting to be like the clayton brothers, it just a matter of time before we start collaborating on the same canvases. It's good to have him in my life. Rawl and Kevin gave me hugs. I kept thinking of the scene form lord of the rings (cartoon version) where gandalf and frodo sail off on that boat at he end into infinity. The water was so calm, and the air was so perfect as the boat circled the harbor, I watched the lights. These are those friends for me. These are the friends of my lifetime who I cry with, share joy, and often celebrate life with. These friend constantly inspire me to be the best I can. I am greatful for them, and last night. One I'll never forget

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking Action on my Bad Ways...

I rolled into weight watcher's yesterday and signed up for the long haul. Drop 100 lbs. in one year? We'll see. I have gained and lost so many times. This one has to take for good. The fact that the day was 09-09-09 I'm taking that as a good omen. I look forward to riding my bike again (a blood red GT mountian bike, needs new innertubes and a tune up, 22 speeds). If I can do it you can too... special deal for sign up now too... go do it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ace Album Leak

Today the new Ace Frehley album Anomaly was leaked HERE. What a great record! Not what I was expecting. I really liked the song Gehngis Kahn which is mostly an instrumental like several of the tracks included, but that's good as it turns out. It's kind of mellow in places too... it put me in a relaxed mood. You can tell he put his heart in this one. I pre ordered mine last week, can't wait to get it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For the Record Collectors left out there....

From the movie "Desperate Man Blues" check out Joe Bussard

Find the Harry Smith movie and watch it... very good stuff!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New SALE at my webstore!

Visit my webstore by clicking here: STORE Get a personalized hat by Scott Aicher now half price!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Modern Day" released today...

Modern Day Delilah is the first official track released off the new KISS cd today. It sounds way better now that you can hear it with it's full production value. I was concerned for a moment I was getting over-hyped again by the kiss machine, but I admit, it sounds great. Hurry up October 6th!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who's album will take you back to the 70's?

Leaks of both albums are out now, mostly of ace's new disc, and today the "sonic boom" art was revealed. Being made by the guy that made the rock and roll over cover (and the logo for the melrose store "Chick-a-boom" which I can bet the artist showed that logo to paul and paul might have said, "What about Sonic Boom?") I have to say this is what I was waiting for, the new KISS cover art... It's not bad, but I'm not blown away by it, and the song revealed today (modern day delialah) sound like carnival of souls KISS, not KISS 1977 or 1976. The rest of the cd may suprise me later, but this is what I thought it would be... not that I'm not glad there is a new cd coming out of KISS music, but both KISS and Ace have hyped their discs as being as good as their 70's heydays. In Ace's case, this is true. As promised everything I've head so far is classic sounding with a bit more guitar punch than his early stuff. I like his website design and cd cover design too.
It pops with color. The light blue on the sonic boom cover needs more saturation, and the faces should have thin lines separating them from the "boom" lines, but it is what it is... I really hope the rest of the KISS cd is better. I'm looknig forward to both cd's. If they both come to town, I might try and see Ace. KISS is going to cost too much (you know this is true) Ace will play smaller clubs and I might be able to afford that. (like most of you out there, we are on a budget)

Like John said to Yoko, "Don't let me down!"and Walmart sucks, I don't like to shop there, but if I want the new KISS cd I guess I have to shop walmart, they have destroyed many small businesses. I'm not suprised KISS signed a deal with this corporate monster...
Rock on, Rock Soliders!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Reactionaries Re-visited at Calimucho

I had the chance to hang out at Kevin and Rawl's studio
in Pedro. I took some photos for reference, and decided 
to make some paintings of them, this is the first of maybe
four, we'll see how it goes. That's Chuck D. in the yellow
and Jacob the guitar player from Killer Dreamer and the Jag Offs and others.I hung out for a bit and talked about underground comics and how tough it used to be to find out about cool new bands from the radio.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Local Dining

One faces east, one goes west, this guy's sayin' "what do you want from me?"......
We had breakfast at Gaffey st. diner this morning as seen on diners drive ins and dives. I'm no stranger to the chef's cooking as he used to cook at joe's my old high school diner in redondo beach. I normally would get the john wayne which is tortillas, eggs, potatoes, onion, sausage, cheese smothered in a killer spanish sauce, but today I went for the massive country breakfast two homemade biscuits and gravy with sausage patties on top, eggs over easy and home fries- GNARLY! I made it about half way and boxed the rest. Sharon had the chorrizo which they make fresh (I tried it... best I ever ate!) She had coffee and fresh orange juice too. I had coffee and a diet coke (good coffee) so full! I love breakfast on the weekend!

We also found a new pizza place Nick's Brick Oven Pizza off alma in pedro. You have to try the croatian pizza beef prochuto, goat cheese, yellow peppers, onion, tomato, hand made crust REAL good! and Nick is a real nice guy. Try it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ace Frehley Shocked Me!

I woke up this morning after Sharon went to get the car serviced and decided to check my email and some usual websites. I checked kiss asylum . com and their was the message that Ace Frehley was going to be at Amoeba at 3:00 today for Record store day. Anyone that knows me knows that Ace is my childhood idol. I got ready at 9:00 and as soon as sharon got back I headed to hollywood. I brought my 1978 lunchbox to have signed and I wore my Kiss necktie my sister gave me for christmas a few years back. I brought my camera, but their was a no pictures allowed thing going and only one item for signing. A lot of people in line were complaining about the rules, but I figured it's free, and was thankful for the moment. When I got my turn ace said, "hey, you brought your lunch!" I pointed to my tie and said, "I got dressed up too" We laughed.

I have always been afraid if I met him I'd be let down somehow, but like the foo fighters song says "there goes my hero, he's ordinary..." What a great day! As far as records went they had all kinds of exclusive vinyl for the day. I bought a smiths single for sharon, and for me an mc5 single, a reissue of the first Bad Religion 45, an out of print Mick Ronson cd, some Turbonegro and Camper Van Beethovan. There was all kinds of swag in the bag when I got home (land of the lost stickers, iron on band and record company logos, even a whoopie cushion!

Someone up there was smiling down on me today!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Latest show and reflecting on recent good times

Green Machine?
A lovely setting...

Burger Wars?
Inside the studio
Pat and Lorna!

Here are some photos of events I attended (car shows, the germs, comic con) and some photos from around the house. I updated the website again to let folks know I make buttons now too! My latest show (A traveling benefit show for type one diabetes called Pre-Existing Condition) has reviews featured here:  http://pre-existingcondition.blogspot.com    and here: http://ocartsandculture.com/2009/03/pre-existing-conditions/

Monday, March 16, 2009

My website has my paintings and shirts for sale now!

Visit my website for all my things for sale (shirts, guitars, birdhouses, paintings, plaques, Records, Etc..) to get there click HERE Email me with which one you want or custom orders.

Pedro Products you should have (so get them!)

My friends in Killer Dreamer have been kind enough to let me design their lp cover for their latest release 1,000 years of servitude. They get better each release, and I dig this one! I play it on my ipod on dog walks or grocery shopping. The lp comes with a full cd version too! they are great guys too, get it soon, I think it's limited too...
and! I was in the art release party for the book "Bukowski's L.A." by Matt Dukes Jordan with my old pal Aaron White. Matt's book is a fun read about Buk's favorite local spots, and this is a must for fans! What do both of these have in common? San Pedro! 

Mod Moon Mom

This will be in the traveling show too.

I thought I should make one of these as to inform the people of my upcoming shows and what's doing and such. I'm waiting to have my art picked up at the moment for a travelling show to benefit type 1 diabetes. It will start at the light galleries in costa mesa CA. on March 20th 2009.
I also was invited to a Voo Doo art show in may, so I'm doing something for that too. I added about 20 new paintings for sale on my website Here: www.planetsixtyseven.com  

I hope to see you at the shows. As usual, email me here: aichertime@sbcglobal.net if you would like any art done, or would like to buy my shirts or current art for sale!

Many Thanks!

Scott Aicher